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With the Covid-19 crisis we are facing a challenge that we can only overcome together: every action, no matter how small, is important. This serious crisis requires a serious response that no country can solve alone. The EU is leading the coordination of the many measures taken by the member states to ensure that your safety and security are the top priority. Right now the EU is adopting measures against Covid-19 to: •    Limit the spread of the virus globally •    Protect Europeans by limiting travel to the EU •    Ensure

Partners Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Ioannina Central Public Library of Konitsa Center for Economic Development and International Relations University "Eqrem Cabej" Gjirokaster Challenge The cross-border (CB) area, is characterized by unique cultural heritage that could form the basis for tourism development. However, many of those Cultural Heritage Objects (CHOs) that include the history, tradition, culture of the two nations, are being stored behind glass showcases or in the basement of the Libraries with no access to visitors due to old age

The main purpose of the project The project "Integrated development of local products is funded by the German GIZ cooperation in the framework of Sustainable Rural Development Program. This project aims to promote the tourism values ​​of the producers locals, artisans and craftsmen, as well as building their capacities by providing training with focus on sustainable rural development and improving business skills. Location of project implementation: This project will be implemented in; - Municipality of Puka, - Municipality of Kukes, -The municipality of Selenica, -The Himara municipality and - Municipality of Mat Target group: The target group

Enhancement Extroversion on Culture, Folkloric and Gastronomic Tourism In recent years, culture has increasingly come to be seen as not just as a legitimate focus for policy in its own right but also as providing myriad social and economic benefits. The contribution of culture to Europes economic development is of increasing interest given the recent global economic downturn. The cultural sector operates in an international and rapidly changing environment where transnational cooperation, mobility, international circulation and the capacity to work on an international level