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Integrated Local Product Development

The main purpose of the project
The project “Integrated development of local products is funded by the German GIZ cooperation in the framework of
Sustainable Rural Development Program. This project aims to promote the tourism values ​​of the producers
locals, artisans and craftsmen, as well as building their capacities by providing training with
focus on sustainable rural development and improving business skills.

Location of project implementation:
This project will be implemented in;
– Municipality of Puka,
– Municipality of Kukes,
-The municipality of Selenica,
-The Himara municipality and
– Municipality of Mat

Target group:
The target group involved in this project consists of local producers, artisans and living craftsmen
in the selected areas. Particular focus will be on women, unemployed youth as well as migrants
returnees belonging to the under 40 age group in order to increase their chances of being more
economically active.

Project Objectives:
Lokal Enable local producers, craftsmen and artisans to promote their local products
in order to maximize the sales revenue of these products.
❖ Organizing activities with the participation of tour operators and other stakeholders
including as well as residents from selected regions in order to develop knowledge, skills
and qualifications in producing, distributing methods and developing plans
marketing to promote traditional local products.
❖ Increase the visibility of the target groups through the development of a catalog to summarize
all local podcasts in all 5 selected areas and realizing a promotional video where
all activities carried out within the project will be briefly summarized.
Activities to be implemented within the project “Integrated Development of Local Products”:
❖ Organizing training for capacity building of the target groups.
This activity includes:
– Identification of target groups and other relevant stakeholders;
– Development of training curricula focusing on the development of local market knowledge,
business skills, product standardization and tourism promotion.
❖ Organizing regional market fairs in three of the selected areas where intervention will take place
effect. The realization of Regional fairs will have a significant impact on the performance of
day-to-day operations of small and medium-sized enterprises, both in terms of generation
of revenue as well as increasing numbers of consumers from communities across borders.
The market fair will give participants the opportunity to explore the market better and for
observe trends, share experiences, gather information on products and innovations
in industry and competitors.
❖ Organizing workshops in each of the selected areas with the participation of mainly
local producers, craftsmen and artisans, but also other stakeholders involved
distributors, tour operators. Implementation of Workshops will require commitment in relation to
– Identification of stakeholders;
– Identifying representatives from the target group to present their experience and to share
shared with other representatives involved;
– presenting reports with the findings and recommendations of the trainings;
– Creation of a network of interaction between service providers and tour operators.
❖ Promotion products related to the interest groups involved in carrying out the activities
Develop a catalog that will summarize all local podcasts in all 5 areas of
Develop a promotional video, no more than two minutes, that will be briefly summarized
all activities carried out within the project.