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Great success for the events of the project "ECSYT - Enhancing Cooperation and Synergies of Transport in the Southern Adriatic PortsEnhancing Cooperation and Synergies of Transport in the Southern Adriatic Ports", organized by the National Confederation of Handicrafts and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises based in Brindisi (CNA Brindisi) as part of the INTERREG IPA CBC Italy - Albania - Montenegro 2014/2020 Program last 23 and 24 June 2022 in Brindisi. There were two events organized in the City of Brindisi by CNA Brindisi which dealt

On November 2nd , 2021, the FIRE PREP partners meeting was organized in the Google Meeting Platform. Present in the meeting were the following representatives: Ms. Etleva Dhima from the Lead Partner ( Municipality of Berat), Mr. Anastasios Paschalis -Hellenic Fire Corps (PB2) ,  Ms. Floriana Xhaferi -Albanian Ministry of Defense -National Agency for Civil Protection(PB3) , Ms. Valbona Gogu -Ministry of Tourism and Environment(PB4), Ms. Katerina Tsamouri the JTS Representative and Officer in charge for the Project, and Mr. Florian Bilali from CEDIR–external expert

The meeting was held via SKYPE, between partners in the frame of FIREPREP project. It was done in order to strengthen the cooperation between partners and ensure that activities are done in time as forecasted in application form. The main discussions were about the procurement plan in order to deal with it as planned from all partners