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Within the frame of the project / OPEN TOURISM PLUS  – Increase cross-border cooperation strategies on water landscapes., in  Albania (Tirana, Durres, Berat),  on 11 May 2023, will be organized Icoming missions & B2B meting on “Culture Itinerary” In this activity it is forseen to participate around 40 stakeholders as  Tour Operators, Traveling Agencies, Cultural Managers part of the sectorial association “Albanian Organization of Tourism Enterprises”


The general objective of OPEN TOURISM PLUS is to test, validate and spread OPEN TOURISM output and results through a set of technical meeting with public and private operators of the environmental, cultural and tourist welcoming sectors. Meetings will allow to focus on

and valorize especially: (i) the OT Service management model, (ii) OT Service tools at operators’ disposal, (iii) OT Service promotion strategy.

During these technical meetings, results will be evaluated and validated valorizing the methodologies already used in OPEN TOURISM. OPEN TOURISM PLUS is aligned with Pillar 4 of EUSAIR, Axis 2 of ADRION and other Interreg initiatives aiming at improving the quality and innovation of tourism offer, enhancing the sustainable and responsible tourism capacities of the tourism actors, diversifying tourism products and services along with tackling seasonality. Activities that will be implemented to reach capitalization objectives and target groups:

1) Incoming missions & B2B meeting – Italy “Gastronomy

Itinerary”. Target: operators involved with gastronomy products.

2) Incoming missions & B2B meeting – Albania “Culture Itinerary”. Target: operators involved with cultural assets.

3) Incoming missions & B2B – Montenegro “Sustainable tourism”. Target: operators involved in the tourism sector.

4) Incoming missions & B2B meeting – Italy “Experiential Tourism”. Target: artisans and artists.

5) Workshop – Montenegro “Potentialities of OT Service, its management model and responsible tourism”. Target: public & private stakeholders.

6) Workshop – Italy “Territorial marketing and Circuit’s promotion strategies”. Target: public

& private stakeholders.

Incoming missions & B2B will foresee an experiential moment (e.g. visiting some POIs), the presentation

of project results and output, working groups for testing and validation of tools and will allow stakeholders to see and know the tourist itineraries of OT and all the connected tools (App, kit, brand, etc.) For each Incoming missions & B2B a final report will be produced which will contain the indications, observations and evaluations brought by the participants

Workshops will give the opportunity to focus on specific contents and to identify ideas, tools and strategies to promote and spread the OT Service. Workshops will a Thematic Paper that will enhance the contents of the 4 reports, as well as the strategic considerations emerged and shared during the Workshops themselves. Each workshop will be attended by 40 stakeholders selected from public and private tourism, environmental and cultural operators of the territories belonging to the three project countries (Italy,

Albania, Montenegro)


The Project main Result:

•           The OPEN TOURISM PLUS strategies and activities will contribute to the development of Common Action Plans for the smart management of tourist destinations in the Programme area

•           The improvement of tourism information quality and welcome service promoting products, services and governance of the OPEN TOURISM model.

•           Strengthening of the OPEN TOURISM cross-border public-private network, aimed at enhancing local cultural and natural heritage through the development of new tourism promotion strategies and actions. For those who are not currently within the OT Circuit, OPEN TOURISM PLUS will be an opportunity to get in touch and get to know a new opportunity and then

evaluate the possibility of using it by formally joining the Circuit.






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Agenda Incoming Mission and B2B event Albania, 11 May 2023 Open Tousim Plus