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COVID-19- EU is leading the coordination of the many measures

With the Covid-19 crisis we are facing a challenge that we can only overcome together: every action, no matter how small, is important.

This serious crisis requires a serious response that no country can solve alone. The EU is leading the coordination of the many measures taken by the member states to ensure that your safety and security are the top priority.

Right now the EU is adopting measures against Covid-19 to:
•    Limit the spread of the virus globally
•    Protect Europeans by limiting travel to the EU
•    Ensure the necessary supplies to health systems by preserving the integrity of the Single Market and of production and distribution chains
•    Promote research and develop a vaccine and make it available to all those in need
•    Support people so that income and jobs are not affected disproportionally and to avoid permanent effects of the crisis. European Parliament wants to trigger an urgent procedure to channel the funds to citizen, regions and countries most hit by the Coronavirus as soon as possible.
•    Support firms and ensure that the liquidity of the financial sector can continue to support the economy
•    Allow EU countries to act decisively in a coordinated way, including by relaxing rules on state aid and support measures

You can read all about these measures against Covid-19 here

As part of the community, we need your help to spread the message of actions being taken by the EU with the people around you. It is important that people have all the information about how the EU is supporting and coordinating the fight against this disease.  

Please follow the advice and instructions of your national authorities to protect each other, even when they disrupt our daily lives.