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Kick off meeting of FIRE PREP Project

The kick off meeting of FIRE PREP Project, was organized in google meeting online platform in
accordance with the Covid-19 situation and regulations of each partner country. All the
participants were previously invited to vote in doodle online appointment scheduler about the
date and the time that they were available to join in the Kick off meeting. The majority of the
Fire Prep project partners agreed about the date 21.12.2020 and the Albanian local time 10:00
AM. All the participants were invited to join the google meet link

This was the agenda scheduled about the organization of the Kick off meeting:


Welcoming Speech of Mayor Berat Municipality, Mr. Ervin Demo
Welcoming Speech of JS’s Officer
Welcoming Speech and short presentation of Project Partners (5 minutes each partner)
Overview of the project by the project manager Mrs. Etleva Dhima
Presentation of Administrative and Financial aspects by the Expert, Mr. Florian Bilali

Presentation of project Working Packages for all partners
Discussion of Financial issues
Final conclusions and end of the meeting

Kick off Meeting 21 december 2020