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The workshop conducted on Fushe Arrëz municipality

The project “Integrated Local Product Development”, aims increasing the capacities and promoting the local producers, handicrafts and souvenir producers” which is financed by GIZ in the frame of the programe“Sustainable Rural Development”. This project aims to promote the touristic values of the local producers, handicrafts and souvenir producers also the increase of their capacities through different trainings and workshops which aim the sustainable rural development and improvement of business capabilities.

The workshop was organized during the dates 08/09 July, 2020 in Fushë Arrëz with the domestic manufactures with the topic “Integrated Development of the local products”. The staff was prepared that all the measures were taken in order to protect everyone from Covid-19 infection. .Before the participants arrived every surface was disinfected.Theworkshop lasted two days, during the first day it was concentrated in the theoric part and in the next day it was the practical part. It started with a brief presentation of the project and its main objectives from the staff of CEDIR. Than the expert started the workshop, she explained the importance of the tourism and its impact on employment, development and incomes.Mrs Klodiana made a broad explanation of the importance of a good service and a great marketing. Than in the next day the local producers of the workshop made some exercise that aimed the increase of their knowledge and their capacities of the production. The participants were divided in two groups according to the destination that in our case were the first group of Puka and the second group from Fushe Arrez.They all were actively participating, giving new ideas and making questions. At the end everyone expressed their gratitude .