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OPEN TOURISM-Cross border cooperation network for an open to innovation tourism


Cross-border cooperation network for an open-to-innovation tourism

Project Summary

OPEN TOURISM aims to reinforce cross border public-private cooperation, in order to promote local heritage and favour economic and social development. An innovative strategy will be implemented, based on a new concept of tourism, focusing on a deeper relationship between visitors and local communities. An integrated territorial marketing strategy will boost the attractiveness of natural and cultural assets, while innovative products and services will be released to enhance excellences, provide information and offer high quality, customized and off-season tourist services.

Main Outputs

– ‘Open Tourism’ cross border model for sustainable tourism

– Innovative tourist products and services based on local communities involvement

Project Partnership

Lead Partner

– Unione dei Comuni “Terre del Mare e del Sole”

– Fascia orientaledellaprovincia di Taranto (IT)

– Contacts: Antonio Mezzolla –

Project Partners

1. UnionedeiComunidelleSorgenti del Biferno (IT)

2. Fondazione Città del Libro onlus (IT)

3. BashkiaFier (AL)

4. Qendra per ZhvillimEkonomikdheMarrdhenieNderkombetare (AL)

5. Prijestonica Cetinje (ME)

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